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Quadcopter drone is the latest invention of science. People are investing lots of money and time to make it more suitable for regular life. You will get a lots quadcopter drone all over the internet. But confuse to choose which is the best drone quadcopter for you?

Now remote controlled drone’s are the part of our regular life. We can use this remote controlled drones for many purposes. Suppose you are making a video documentary and you need an angle of the sky view to the ground, then you can use the best drone quadcopter for making the video.

This best drone quadcopter will give you the best angle to make your video precise. Not only the angle of view, they will also add value to your documentary. You can earn huge money by selling this video on a marketplace. You can also use this best drone quadcopter to market your business. They are really good to do this kind of things.

 best drone quadcopter

If you are thinking your best drone quadcopter will bump and bounced around then you are totally wrong. Buy one best drone quadcopter and ease your mind. If you know how to fly a drone then you will want to level up to the next great quadcopter.

Syma X5С

Syma x5c quadcopter made with a white plastic casing. They have white blades. They also come with a radio controller. This best drone quadcopter has flight functions to keep it in the air until you are learning aeronautics.


  • The 360 degree eversion facility allows the quadcopter to stay steady in the air.
  • You have different flying moves such as left or right, turning, forward and backwards.
  • You have two different speed choosing an option. Low speed for beginner and high speed for professionals.
  • This quadcopter weighs in at two pounds.
  • It takes four double AA rechargeable batteries.
  • It comes with a camera that has two million pixels resolution.

Cheerson CX-10 Mini

Cheerson cx-10 mini comes with orange casing. They are perfect gifts for kids. They are priced under $100.


  • They are small in size.
  • No camera facility.
  • Two different speed control facilities first one is high & second one is low.
  • If you want to add some extra protection, you can choose and buy blades to guard your drone.
  • With this best quadcopter drone, you can fly for 4-8 minutes.

Hubsan X4 H107L

Hubsan x4 h107l- the best quadcopter drone prepared with black color plastic casing. They are marked with with color on the body shape. You will get different color option for you. The Black edition  drone does not have the camera facilities and the price under $50.


  • They have a stunt move button.
  • No bolt or screw to lose.
  • With LED lights option, you can see the distance.
  • This drone have Rubber feet to make your landing safe.

WL Toys V636

WL toys v636 quadcopter made with metallic silver color body.  In body, they have black & green markings. This drones body is small. As so as i know, blades are bigger. They will give you a ready made radio controller stuff. Radio controller has an LED screen. You can manage the control from the screen.


  • It takes total 160 minutes to get fully charged.
  • No camera with this version.
  • LED running lights will give the option to see the distance properly.
  • This drone is really safe for kids if they want to fly it.

Price Comparison Table

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  1. Hi Taposh,
    Nice meeting you

    Wow.. You have a shared a great informative post quadcopter. It is really great appreciable. You have written very well on drones. Each and every point which should be know before purchasing the drones, you have explained. I really like your writing and presenting your thought style.

    Anyway, come to drones as I think we should always go through the camera on drones. Having good quality camera on drones, It will be better to feel the feature. Reading this article I can say that syma x5c will be better to choose for beginners.

    Thanks for sharing about such cheapest drones.

    Keep writing 🙂
    – Ravi.

  2. I really enjoy the Syma X5C, very cool toy quadcopter to fly around the house. Which of the one’s on your list would you say is the best for under $100?

    Also, I’d love to see one of them actually lift a box like in your picture lol.

  3. The Hubsan X4 H107L is one of the best quadcopter for gift within your budget. Do you have any recommendation what is the fastest micro quadcopter under 100$?

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