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i-Boating, the #1  marine navigation app,  has released a free fishing web app that lets everyone find out where to fish systematically.  The free fishing web app isavailable at http://fishing-app.gpsnauticalcharts.com.

Vector fishing & marine charts in your browser

  • Worldwide coverage: Includes US, Canada, Australia & New Zealand (Other regions coming soon):
  • HD contours: 1 ft bathymetry is available for over 5000 US lakes (and growing). This makes it really easy to identify those humps and holes and plan a route growing over those humps when fishing.
  • Switch background maps to Street Maps, USGS Satellite Imagery and more: To get an idea of the nearby terrain and streets, you can switch basemap to USGS aerial imagery or even regular street maps.
  • Change depth unit to feet, meter or fathom: All depth contours, soundings and depth areas are shown in feet. But you can switch it to fathom or meters.
  • Distance bearing tool
  • Display latitude, longitude under cross hairs
  • Rotate maps using mouse or standard touch gesture (Text stays upright on rotation).
  • Tilt Maps / Bird’s Eye View


i-Boating Chart Plotter Applications

Its a full-fledged chartplotter and   includes virtually all the features that you would find in a high end plotter.  The application includes vector marine charts and lake maps.

  • Hardware accelerated Vector charts
  • Route Assistance with Voice Alerts
  • AIS Tracking
  • Custom Depth Shading & Water Level Offset
  • Works with existing marine electronics over NMEA
  • Offline charts with HD contours
  • Sonar split screen display
  • Autofollow with real time track overlay

ENC Chart Coverage

i-Boating  includes ENC/Vector charts covering North America (US & Canada), Europe (includes Baltic sea, Mediterranean & Black Sea),, Australia, parts of Middle East & Asia.

How to find good fishing spots using the free web app?

A well known technique to finding good fishing spots is to look for structure. This has become really easy with the free fishing web app.

Here is how to use it:

  1. Several lake maps have fish attractor locations. These are the ideal fishing spots.
  2. If these are not available you need to look for humps and holes. What this essentially means is that you look at your contour map to find out where the contours get closer together before getting widely spaced. Such an area has either a hump / hole.
  3. Once you have identified the spots, plan a route that goes through all these spots.
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