How To Protect Your Eyes From Computer Screen

The computer plays a vital role in modern technology. We cannot live any single day without this device. Because it is an essential part of our life. But do you know that using computer lots of time can hamper in your eyes? You need to protect your eyes. … [Read more...]

How To Copy From A Copy Protected Webpage Very Easily

Let’s start. You already understood what I am going to post. Today my post is all belongs to how to copy from a copy protected web page very easily. Several times, we need to copy from a web page for the different purpose. We use it in education, study etc. … [Read more...]

A Free Online Design Apps Portal

Many times, we are passing very enjoyable moments. But when over, we can’t get back this moment anymore. Also, we have no power to revert this. In this reason, we have captured our moments with cameras. The camera plays a vital role here. … [Read more...]

Recover Deleted Files-Recover Your File From Any Device

Many times we have deleted our important files unwillingly. This can happen because of virus also. Now good news is that you can recover deleted files from any device very easily. You don’t need to do anything big. This is a very easy process to recover deleted files. … [Read more...]

Pin Recycle Bin to Taskbar- Tips for Windows Users

Pin recycle bin to taskbar. Every computer has a recycle bin under "my computer" logo. This is used to store unnecessary things for computer. When you delete your files, then here all the files stored. This is very important for a PC. We can't run a computer without it. … [Read more...]

How To Show Hidden Files And Folders In Google Chrome

Today I have come to you with something new …..Today I will teach you some great computer tips like how to show hidden files and folders which are only known to older computer users. So, if anyone wants to learn this tip, then read this post carefully. … [Read more...]

Transfer Files From Pc to Pc -Hassle Free Method

Many times we transfer files from PC to PC. For this, we use many kinds of portable devices like portable hard disk, pen drive or something else. This time these devices help us a lot. But do you know we can change our style to transfer files from PC to PC? … [Read more...]

How To Make An Amazing Windows XP Toolbar Easily

I have made a survey on windows XP. Until today, this is the most famous computer operating system. Most of us still using this famous operating system. Toady I will share with you how to make amazing windows XP toolbar very easily. … [Read more...]

How To Change Your Mouse Cursor Into Snowfall Effect

We cannot live without using a computer. Computer dominating our lives very closely. The mouse is the thing which helps the computer to command the computer very easily. Today I will share how to change your mouse cursor into snowfall effect. … [Read more...]

How To Make Firefox 3D Mode With Easy Ways

I think you all are well. Today, I have come to you with something new. Firstly, you don’t have to bear any extra charge for this. On god telling… So, let’s come to the point. Today I will show you how making your internet browser Firefox 3d mode. … [Read more...]

Make A New Folder Without Using Any Name

The computer is the main important medium that’s dominating our lives. We can’t live without these blessings. Today I will give you, how to make a new folder. Just think, make a new folder without name. Folder is the path where we keep our files. … [Read more...]

How To Increase Alexa Traffic Rank With AlexaBoostUp

An Alexa traffic rank indicates website’s status. This metric is given based on website’s traffic. There are also these kinds of websites, who also gives traffic related service, such as, Semrush, Compete.Com etc. But among them Alexa is standard and most famous. … [Read more...]

You Haven’t Seen This Free Software Download Sites Yet

We install much important software every day. And most of the people use the free version of it. But many times, we don’t know where to download it. This post belongs to free software download sites. I will give you some free software download sites list today. … [Read more...]

How To Load Gmail With Super Fast Ways (Simple Guidance)

Let me confirm that you cannot live one day without using this internet blessing. What is this? That’s email. Email is the best communicating ways these days. Today my post is all belongs to how to load gmail with super fast and easy ways. … [Read more...]

Ways To Speed Up Computer-Simply Ease Your Pain

When we do lots of work on our PC, then suddenly our PC becomes slow. We don’t understand, why does it happen??? Then we take help of many software. But, do you know there are many ways to speed up computer that can ease these problems. … [Read more...]

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