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Blogging is my passion. What do you think  about yourself? Everyday i am try to meet up with new bloggers. In this case, i am send email to contact.Just believe me most of the time, i have seen success as myself.

This is number 10th interview on Talkandtalkers Interview Series. On  follow up this, Today my guest is none other than blogger,internet marketer Atish Ranjan. He is a great guy with good knowledge of blogging.

Thanks for taking my interview opurtunity on my blog. Let’s talk with him.

Atish Ranjan

As a part of the formality, please introduce yourself?

Hi Taposh, Thanks for giving me an opportunity to speak about myself. My name is Atish Ranjan and I am from a small city Sitamarhi(Bihar, India) but since 2004 I have been in New Delhi. I am blogging for more than 3.5 years now. My main blogs are and moreover I have few other blogs as well.

How is your environment when you started your blog journey?

When I did start blogging, I did not even know what blogging is all about? I was just like sharing small pc tips and tricks on my blogspot blog but gradually because of my active participation over social media sites like Facebook, made me learn something about blogging. Then I started reading and commenting on many blogs. Gradually I came to know the full funda of blogging and later I also came to know that we can earn from it as well.

There started the journey but I had to learn most of the things myself as I was not having any mentor. However, my friend Durgesh chaudhary, a software engineer helped me setting up my first blog on wordpress.

Therefore, I would like to say there were less interaction among bloggers and also a little less competition in those days as compared to current trend where the competition is fierce.

How you drive traffic for your blog?

I drive traffic from organic search, Social media, referral, email marketing and direct. To get organic traffic I make sure that my posts are well optimized and I also invest time to build few good quality backlinks for my blog.

To drag traffic from social media, I submit my post link to multiple social sites such as FB, twitter, Google+, linkedin, stumbleupon, pinterest and many others. I do make use of Facebook fan page and Google+ brand page as well.

To get email traffic, I send emails to my subscriber on daily basis when a post is published.

Direct traffic is what I get from branding. I have spent a lot of quality time to build a good brand for myself as well as my blog.

List of Paid or Free Tools, you are using?

I like to work manually thus most of the tools I use are free ones. For example, Google trends, Google keyword planner, Moz chrome extension, ahrefs, majesticseo and many more as per the need. Presently I am testing out GSA tool for some of my other test blogs. Let’s see how it goes.

Why you choose wordpress for your blogging niche?

I chose WordPress because it gives me a lot of customization options which I never got on blogspost. I have full control over my files, database and everything I put on server which was not possible with blogspot. Most importantly I feel comfortable with it!

For link building, link wheel is alive or dead?

Honestly speaking, I have never worked with link wheels as I always considered them as gray hat or a little bit of black hat. However every link building technique still works if they are done in right way and the most importantly you should not leave any clue for Google that you are doing something of this sort. But when you build a link wheel, it becomes quite visible to Google which can result into penalization.

I would suggest avoiding link wheels!

How do you monetize your Blog?

Adsense, Sponsored reviews, Affiliate marketing are the monetization ways I am working with from now on.

How much time your blog took to give you first penny?

7 months [for the very first 3-4 months I was not aware that we can earn from blogging]

PageRank is the sign of the authority. Do you believe after getting Page rank, a new website will see some traffic?

Page rank is now shut down by Google so better not to talk about it however PR is not a sign of authority rather the engagement and good amount of traffic are!

What is your current traffic and earning stats?

I generally don’t brag about my stats but just giving you a clue that I am able to make more money than what I earn from my day job (I work as Sr. SEO in a private firm). Traffic is not always consistent but I managed to get more than 1600 visitors a day!

Can you share some memorable moments of your Blogging journey?

Every small achievement in blogging is memorable for me but when I got adsense approved with my blogspot blog in the very beginning, it was a great day for me and my partner Zainil. However, I started earning good with it after a long time.

Say something about my blog?

I generally not able to visit many blogs because of busy schedule however I visited your blog few times and I am really impressed with neat and clean design but I would recommend  don’t use pop ads for now. While I was reading a post on your blog an infolinks banner was popping out from bottom which was irritating. You can turn off that ad type from infolinks dashboard.
Rest looks great on your blog. Keep up the good work!

Any advice that you can give to our readers for their success?

I would like to give advice to all to work harder and smarter to achieve their dreams. Don’t be lazy because life is too short to achieve what all we want!

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