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Hello folks, how are you today? Today, I am with you a brand new post. I am going to share my personal experience with “American Logistics” mail forwarding system. It was a worthy mail forwarding system for me. At the beginning of my business, I found it difficult to purchase products from United States Websites.

At that time, one of my friend introduced me with “American logistics and Distribution Inc.” to purchase different products from any American websites and get them deliver to local address.  The company offered the best price on international delivery.

American Logistics have the mail forwarding services to countries all over the world. I rent a US mailbox from them to receive correspondence or packages. This service was included letters, credit card statements, bank statements, magazines, packages, and more.

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My mail and parcels was arrived at my secure storage facility. My mail was opened and scanned into online account.  I was received a notifications to log in to read it in PDF format.  Then I forwarded the original documents to an address desired location in the world.

How was I benefited from that company?

  • Had option to buy items from any retailer in the USA.
  • I had option to choose products with the ability to buy any item from any retailer in the USA.
  • I purchased products and sold them in my own country.
  • It helped me to ship the products directly to the address of my customer.
  • With the help of this company, I opened a virtual logistics and shipping center in the U.S.
  • There was lots of savings in the international delivery.
  • I had option to reduce shipping costs by combining orders into one delivery.
  • I had ware house facility to store items for up to 45 days.
  • I had created a virtual presence in the United States.

My best experience with “American Logistics” was getting a notification. It helped me to read the PDF format. At that time, I forwarded it to the address. There were several carrier options available for me include UPS, FedEx, USPS, and DHL. I tried DHL. Awesome experience was that.

This company helped me a lot to forward and handle services, operating in a virtual business presence in the US, managing a US bank account, opening a US credit card and/or receiving items that were not available in my home country.

That was my nice experience with “American Logistics”. So if you find difficult to forward your mail and parcel from any American Retail store, you can use their service. So don’t waste your time here and use their service.


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