How To Add YouTube Video To Website

Do you know how to add YouTube video to a website? YouTube is very popular video sharing sites that allow their users to upload and share videos. Vimeo is also popular, but among them YouTube is one of the best video sharing sites.

YouTube is now hosted by Google. Let’s come to the main point. This post is about how to add YouTube video to website. You will just able to know how to add YouTube video in WordPress post manually.

With this post, you will able to know how to add YouTube video to website……………

You can also use best WordPress plugins for adding video. Among them, quick tag is my favorite plugin. It is very easy to use. No coding knowledge is required for this. Easily integrated with WP post.

How To Add Youtube Video Manually in Wp Post Manually

There are many people who don’t want to use plugin for doing this. They think, why they use plugin for little things. For this reason, they want to add YouTube video using embed code.

If you know the right code, then it is very easy to add YouTube video. Just copy the code and paste the code in the WP html view. This method is so easy if you neglect plugin.

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Here is the code to add YouTube video in WordPress……

 <iframe width=”640” height+”480” src=” your youtube video url goes here” frameborder=”0” allowfullscreen> </iframe>

All you need to do is paste this code from here and open your up post in html view. Then paste the embed code where you really want to show the video.It will automatically show your video.

If you have done everything according these rules, then view your post. You will see a beautiful YouTube video appearing in your WordPress post.

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