15 Most popular Blogger Interview Questions

Have you ever tried pro bloggers interview in your blog? This is a great way to make a good relationship with fellow bloggers. Also, you will get free traffic and you brand exposure from these interviews.
Now come to the main point. I have done some research on bloggers interview questions and found these 15 questions are most popular. Try them in your interview series.

blogger interview questions

Most popular Blogger Interview Questions

1. As a part of the formality, can you please tell our Readers a little about yourself?
2. Do you think, blogging is a good alternative of regular Job? If yes, then why?
3. How many hours do you spend per day on your blog(s)?
4. Which blog which you follow regularly?
5. List of Paid or Free Tools, you are using?
6. Mistakes are always a part of life. Have you ever made mistakes as a newbie blogger? If yes, what were they and what lesson did you learn from them?
7. According to you, what are the most use Plugins for a WordPress user?
8. According to you, What’s the best and worst features of WordPress?

9.The new Bloggers often finds it difficult to drive traffic to their blog. When you were new to blogging, how did you manage to bring lots of traffic to your blogs?
10. How can a new blogger make a decent income from his blog?
11. According to You, What are the essential requirements to become a successful blogger-Is that technical skills or anything else?
12. How do you Monetize your Blog?
13. What is your current traffic and earning stats?
14. Can you share some memorable moments of your Blogging journey?
15. Any advice that you can give to our readers for their success?

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Now, made a list that’s people you want take an interview.After that,you need to interact with this bloggers one by one. I am giving you request format . You can use this.

My name is (Your Name). I am your friend, blogger from (your domain name). Come to the main point. I want to take an interview about you. If you give some time for me, then I will send you all my interview questions that everyone wants to know about you. I don’t want to kill your valuable time in chatting. Best wishes for you.
Well Regards,
(Your Name)

Interviewing is a great way to make relationship with top bloggers. Also with this way, you will get a quality post for your blog. This will help you for better long run.


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