10 Ways To Promote Your Facebook Page

Ok guys – today, let’s talk about getting your Facebook page a-rocking. And without breaking the bank. Not the easiest thing to do, but we’re here to help you get creative and aggressive! Here are some tips and tricks that we can personally vouch for:

  • Market Yourself To Groups

Did you know that Google indexes 620 million Facebook Groups, representing over 500 million monthly active users? That is a lot of *@!# people potential customers! These groups are also often starving for content in order to keep their members actively commenting and engaged. So if you can just write something relevant to their group that is interesting and unique – and if you write a really nice email to the admins – hey they just might post it! And what’s more, they just might let you hawk your business a bit by including a quick bio and link to your Page.

ACTION: Do some research to compile a target list of at least 50 groups; write your ‘pitch’ email; test it on a few groups and revise until you’ve got a killer pitch; blast away! You’ll probably get to post on at least 10 of those, and now rinse and repeat. Hello free marketing!

  • Incentivize Your Email Subscribers To Like Your Page

Got some people who agreed to get your emails? Hit them up with a short and fun email saying ‘hey we’re on this thing called Facebook, not sure if it’s gonna last or not, but will you come follow us there and we’ll see what happens?’ and you can even put some skin in the game with a coupon code or some kind of incentive to like your Page. Probably 10% of your file will actually do it, and voila – growth!

ACTION: Write email; send.

  • Post A New Cover Photo & Profile Picture

Cheap but good – swap out your Page’s cover photo & profile picture. Why? Did you ever notice how often you see something in your feed about someone’s new profile pic? It’s because those posts get tons of Likes and engagement, and Facebook loves that, so it prioritizes them. Every time you change these key pictures, you’ll get newsfeed exposure, and Likes, and then exposure to your Fans’ friends. Free publicity!

ACTION: Change your cover photo and profile picture.

  • Share Your Fan Page From Your Personal Page

Also cheap but good – suck it up and promote your business, band or whatever Page to your friends. Similar to changing your photo, they will like it, and then their friends will see you as well.

ACTION: Suck it up and promote yourself to your friends!

  • Buy Facebook Likes – or Get the Real Thing Through Ads

Some people don’t like this strategy. Some people also don’t like kittens and popsicles. Guess what, we do. We are big believers that if your page has fewer than 1,000 Fans it is probably doing more harm than good. When people visit your page and see your lack of Fans and aka customers, they assume your business or band sucks. And they won’t give you a Like either.

There’s one super quick and cheap way to solve this – buy Likes. Yes, just freaking buy them, for a penny apiece or something like that. Or if that makes you uncomfortable, find a service like Liftoff Social (http://liftoffsocial.com) that can run ad campaigns for you to get real Likes to your Page for almost as cheap as just buying them. We like these guys and if this helps you sleep at night, so be it. One way or the other, just get yourself a base layer of Fans so you look like a winner.

ACTION: Buy Likes or use a service to run ad campaigns for you to get the same result. Get your Page to at least 1k Fans.

  • Install the Facebook Comments Plug-In On Your Blog

If you have a blog, get rid of Disqus or whatever you’re using for comments – and use Facebook’s comments plug-in instead. Every time someone comments, it will automatically get shared on their timeline, multiplying your exposure.

ACTION: Install the plug-in. Write provocative posts that generate lots of comments.

  • Write a Viral Click-Bait-y Post

One of our personal favorites, take a page out of the Buzzfeed playbook and write a ridiculous, shameless, irresistibly clickable headline that gets traffic to your site. Go research the most viral posts on various media sites and be a great copycat – if it went viral once, it will likely go viral again. Just rewrite it slightly to make it your own, and give it a shot. If it works, maybe even throw some ad spend behind it to really get it out there. Enjoy that penny traffic and hope some tiny percent will convert!

ACTION: Research viral posts from other sites. Write shamelessly awesome re-write. Post. Consider boosting.


  • Ask Your Employees To Share Your Page

Seems obvious, but lots of people don’t do this. If you have employees or partners who share a vested interest in the success of your business, then go ahead and ask them to promote you on their personal and/or business pages. You should write a few suggested share posts so they don’t have to do much work, and so what they post is effective, then email it around and ask them to post it in the next 24 hours. Bet they’ll do it!

ACTION: Write suggested posts. Email to employees and partners with request to share in specific time frame.

  • Put Your Facebook Page URL Everywhere (Duh!)

Yep, obvious but under-utilized. Put your darn Facebook Page URL everywhere you possibly can asking people to follow you there. On emails, on your business card, on guest blog posts, even on receipts that you print out or email to customers. Any possible interface you have with another human being – somehow find a way to pimp your Page.

ACTION: Brainstorm all touchpoints that could include mention of your FB URL. Put it in all of those places.

  • Do a Photo Contest

And finally, run one of those photo contests where in order to enter, people have to either tag you in the picture they post, or tag their friends into a picture you post. Make sure the contest has an awesome prize so people will really do what you are asking them to do. This has been around since the early days of Facebook, but hey, it still works – so do it!

ACTION: Run a photo contest. Give awesome prize.

Alrighty Fan Favorites. That’s all for now – get to work – be bold, be shameless, and have fun!

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