How To Make An Amazing Windows XP Toolbar Easily

I have made a survey on windows XP. Until today, this is the most famous computer operating system. Most of us still using this famous operating system. Toady I will share with you how to make amazing windows XP toolbar very easily.

Make an amazing toolbar in XP without help of any software…!!

This is not so though as you thinking. Most of the tips in my computer tips category, I have written for fun. Also, this computer tips can make your work very easy also save your time.

windows xp toolbar

For making an amazing window XP toolbar, you just need to follow this steps—

1) At first, you will have to make a folder in any drive. I have made in E: drive. I have named PC helpline bd (as your wish.


windows xp toolbar 1




2) After that, you will have to copy the shortcuts of those programs that you use mostly. If you want to keep any drive, folder and file then you can keep it.


windows xp toolbar 2






3) Now click the right button of your mouse on the taskbar. There you will see TOOLBAR at the top, then from the toolbar you have to click on NEW TOOLBAR. Then you will have to select your making folder (as your wish).


windows xp toolbar 3


4) Then you will see there something written (PC helpline bd) beside the taskbar. Now click the right button of your mouse on the taskbar and uncheck the Lock the taskbar. Now drag that word (PC helpline bd) to any side of the desktop.

windows xp toolbar 4




5) Now right click on the toolbar Show text and Show title. Then click on Large icons from View. If you don’t want to see the toolbar always, then click on the toolbar and then click on Auto-Hide.


windows xp toolbar 5



6) Then click on the taskbar and check the name Lock the taskbar. So…you have made a toolbar…!!

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