Why You Will Create Bitszer Account

Bitszer is a central platform or you can call it auction house system. This auction house system allows you to buy or exchange resources any participating game platform. Every transaction will be driven by Bitcoin for mobile, PC and console gaming.

When you will play a game, then they will have soft currency such as gold or diamonds. Bitszer will help you to replace this soft currency with Bitcoin. You can use this Bitcoin to buy gaming assets instead of game gold.

Why You Will Create Bitszer Account?

If you are a developer, then Bitszer are offering free cross platform option for you. As a developer, you will definitely develop a game. Then you need to purchase lots of assets for your game development. If you want to reduce game developing cost, then you can use Bitszer’s platform. Their service is totally customizable to suit the requirements of any game. They will help you to get customer loyalty, boost sales volume. They will also create additional revenue streams and to gain market.


Now you are thinking how much does it cost to use Bitszer? You know, it’s totally free for developers. Bitszer will generate 3% revenue from all gaming transactions. This revenue is split 50/50 with the game developer.

Now you can ask me why developers will use Bitszer. There are lots of reasons to use Bitszer as a developer. If you want to make sure limiting risk, including Bitcoins to assure safe, then Bitszer is the right choice for you. Not only, Bitszer has also another feature to use. They have huge user base. In this reason, you have lots of possibilities to get massive traffic from Bitszer.

It’s not necessary, you own Bitcoins. When you will get your first sale, then Bitszer will automatically generate a wallet to store your Bitcoins. Bitszer is built to collaborate with all types of currencies. But for now, they are focusing on bitcoins.

Final Words:

Definitely, I will tell you to create a Bitszer account now. If you are a gamer or whatever you are probably developer, then there is no way to neglect Bitszer. You will get lots of benefits to using Bitszer.

Those days are not so far Bitszer will be a game changer in the gaming industry. They are very easy to use and I have never seen this type of cross platform before. And it is a continuously growing platform.

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