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Some days ago one of my readers asked me to publish probloggers interview on here. With this reason, I am just starting probloggers interview series. This interview series will help you to know the unknown fact about your favorite blogger.

I know that, probloggers are our real hero. In this reason, I tried my best to give you the real unknown fact about your blogger. At first, I covered my friend blogger vishal Sharma from allbloggingways.com interview in this series.

Thanks from my heart on behalf of talkandtalkers readers.

Vishal Sharma
As a part of the formality, can you please tell our Readers a little about yourself?
Hello friends, Myself Vishal Sharma a web designer, online marketer, a part time blogger, and yeah a final year engineering student. Blogging is my passion and I had started it in 2011 just for fun and to earn some money online, as most of bloggers come to this field dreaming about. I currently have three website that I am working on and some other niche blogs. And I am currently working as business marketing manager in Cyber Defense & Intelligence, an ethical hacking institute at Chandigarh. I came to blogging field with my blog allbloggingways and will be starting an ecommerce website soon for our Indian Youth.

Do you think, blogging is a good alternative of regular Job? If yes then why?
Yeah, surely without any doubt it is. Blogging is a method which if taken seriously and with the right steps in mind can let you earn a large amount in small time. And also it can be a regular job by which you can earn sitting at home. But the main thing that blogging asks for is passion, patience and hard work. If these things are in you, then you can earn huge success in this field. I see lots of people coming to me daily for making new blogs and many of them don’t have patience in them, they want to earn as soon as they have started blogging, due to which they mostly don’t succeed in this field. So, I always recommend bloggers to keep patience in them and then they will surely don’t need any other job.

How many hours do you spend per day on your blog(s)?
In holidays, I work around 9-10 hours on my websites, whereas in college time it decreases to 3-4 hours a day. You can say in free time I am always on my websites.

Which blog which you follow regularly?
There is no such site I think as I don’t get time from my blogs to check any other blog regularly. But still if you will say that which are the blogs I often check they would be Shoutmeloud and bloggingtips.

List of Paid or Free Tools, you are using?
Well I use mainly tools like: Long tail Pro, Layerslider, SEOpressor and genesis framework themes mostly with plugins it contains. These are really helpful tools I must say when it comes to blogging.

Mistakes are always a part of life. Have you ever made mistakes as a newbie blogger? If yes, what were they and what lesson did you learn from them?
Yeah, there was a big mistake that I did when I started my blog allbloggingways, that was violate Google policies. I just sold some not authorized stuff on my website due to which my blog which was previously on blogger was deleted by Google. I had to migrate the backup to WordPress and also due to it I was banned from Google Adsense. Then after that I followed all policies of Google and never thought of doing something like that again, and then my website again started showing good results after hardwork of two months.
So, I would say always go by rules and keep hard work on.

According to you, what are the must use Plugins for a wordPress user?
I would say the must use plugins will be:
• SEO pressor or SEO by Yoast
• Akismat
• Layerslider
• UpdraftPlus backup & Restore
• Bullet Proof Security

According to you, What’s the best and worst features of WordPress?
The best features I would say are a hell lots of plugins and easy customization. You can easily build up any type of website you want on WordPress. Security is also good if good plugins are used.
And yeah worst feature will be, if a plugin without proper study is installed it can provide illegal access to your website or can affect your website in one way or other.
But still WordPress is best I would say.

New Bloggers often finds it difficult to drive traffic to their blog. When you were new to blogging, how did you managed to bring lots of traffic to your blogs?
The traffic to your blog depends on following factors:
• Quality content
• Quality baclinks to website
• Engagement on social media
• Marketing techniques used
• Going by the rules
• Choosing high traffic and low competition keywords
These are the main factors that if used properly can drive huge traffic to your blog.

How can a new blogger make a decent income from his blog?
Firstly try to increase the traffic to your website with above mentioned steps and if once a good traffic starts coming to your blog, earning from it is not difficult.
The different methods of earnings are:
• Affiliate marketing
• Adsense or other ads programs
• Paid reviews and paid posts
• Providing ads space on website
• Selling eBooks
• Providing Services etc.

According to You, What are the essential requirements to become a successful blogger-Is that technical skills or anything else?
The essential requirements to become a successful blogger is working hard and keeping patience in your self. Yeah technical skills are also required which develop with time. You must keep learning new things everyday and shuld engage more and more with other bloggers for better relationhips online.

How do you Monetize your Blog?
I monetize my blog through Affiliate programs, ads space, paid reviews, web development and marketing services.

What is your current traffic and earning stats?
Currenly, on allbloggingways the traffic is on average over 50,000 per month, which has reduced as I have started working little less on abw and am working on cyberintelligence.in more, which also has started receiving an average above 800 visitors daily in small span of time. The earning is not fixed but on an average I earn $600 or above per month. I mainly earn through paid reviews, ad space, affiliate maketing and services.

Can you share some memorable moments of your Blogging journey?
The most memorable day is always when you earn on your own first time, when I received my first payment through my blog that was the most memorable momemt of blogging journey.

Any advice that you can give to our readers for their success?                                                                                                                                                                             I want recommend again that keep working hard and enjoy blogging, this will surely make you successful in blogging field.
You can reach me:
Through my blog : allbloggingways.com, cyberintelligence.in
Twitter: @allbloggingways
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/allbloggingways


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