Use WhatsApp On PC- How You Can Do It as Yourself?

WhatsApp is a very popular chatting messenger all over the world. These day people have a craze to use Whatsapp. But it has a worst problem. You can only use it on your mobile phone. But do you know that now you can use WhatsApp on PC?

In this reason, when you switched on your mobile phone and in front of your desktop then you can’t use Whats app.But there are several reasons to use WhatsApp on PC computers.

Many people do not know how to use WhatsApp on PC.

At the time of office, if we use WhatsApp from mobile phone then it can create the problem for us. In that reason, we need to use this app on windows XP, vista, windows 8 or windows 8.1 very quickly.

Use WhatsApp On Pc
Now you can learn from here how to use WhatsApp on PC computers. Though this app is APK file, you can use any kind of APK file on your desktop computers on that way.

But for this work, you need an android emulator app. For an example, blue stacks app player is already tested. Also for testing WhatsApp, you need a mobile phone.

You can follow this steps to Use WhatsApp On PC-

1) At first download blue stacks app player and save it on your computer.

2) For installing this app, open setup file. At the time of installing, they will query blue stacks store access and app notification. You can uncheck both of them.

3) It will take few minutes to finish installation. At the finishing time of installation, blue stacks will come with a whole screen.

4) Now look at upper right side of the screen. You will see the diagonal line with icons. From their click “run it in windows mode” button. If you do that, your next step will be made easier.

5) Now avoid yourself playing from blue stacks app player. Now go to the web browser and download WhatsApp APK file.

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6) Now do 2 clicks on WhatsApp APK file. Blue stacks app player will install on WhatsApp automatically.
Also, you will able to see a list of how many android apps you downloaded in blue stacks.  Now run your WhatsApp from there.

7) Now give your phone number and click on verify button.

8) Now wait for 5 minutes. Whats app will try to start automatically but it will be failed and SMS will be verified automatically.

9) After waiting another five minutes, Whats app will give you voice verification option. Now click on “call me” button.

10) Now you will get a phone call. Receive this call and you will hear your verification code in someone’s voice.

11) Now give your verification code on WhatsApp running by blue stacks listened by you sometimes ago.
But there is one problem. You cannot communicate with your friends from here. But still you can respond your incoming message from here.

12) From the right side, you will get 3 dot symbols. From here you can add your contacts one by one. On that way, you can see only your save list from this computer but nothing from elsewhere.

Also, you can’t see your membership for those groups added you from mobile WhatsApp. For this reason, you need to ask those group admins add you again.

Now, you can use WhatsApp on PC computer. But you are not available to use WhatsApp both on mobile and computer. Because this device is available for only one device.

When you will use this how to use WhatsApp on PC, then you will not get any message from mobile WhatsApp. Another problem is you cannot use Bluetooth at the moment.

This two verification will take almost 20 minutes. And again this time will be increased if you use this verification system many times on the same day. If you use this tips on how to use WhatsApp on PC, then try to do every step very carefully.

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