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Tradex Plus provides you with a United States address to assist you get from United States retailers and receive United States correspondence. We tend to serve customers from the United States and from alternative countries round the globe, serving to them to receive mails and parcels at one address, thereby cutting international shipping prices.

We facilitate people and businesses purchase product from US-based retailers and World Health Organization who do not ship to their country. We tend to ship everyplace, thus our service is that the ideal resolution. You just build the acquisition and have the things delivered to United States. We tend to then forward them to your location or to the other address you decide on anywhere within the world.

tradex plus

It is a reliable service and is extremely efficient. this is often as a result of we tend to get glorious rates from world’s leading shipping corporations – FedEx, USPS, UPS, and DHL. Our services additionally alter you to mix multiple purchases into one delivery package that considerably cuts shipping prices.

Our team is extremely seasoned and skilled. We tend to are dedicated to making sure you get the most effective attainable service, whereas serving to you lower the value of shopping for things from the United States. If you have any questions on our service, please get in contact with United States.

Promise from Tradex Plus

  1. We tend to build it straightforward to shop for things from any United States distributor from where you are within the world.
  2. We offer a quick service with same-day shipping accessible.
  3. We tend to guarantee our service is reliable and economical
  4. We tend to keep our prices as low as attainable, as well as securing the most effective attainable rates from international shipping corporations.
  5. We tend to reply to queries and inquiries quickly and, wherever necessary, correct errors.
  6. We tend to invest in our systems and processes to confirm error-free and economical operation.
  7. We tend to actively fight against fraud in each method we are able to.
  8. We tend to priorities client service and building semi permanent relationships.

Other Benefits

  1. Get a United States address.

Register on our website to receive a shipping address within the United States. This address are going to be used after you obtain product from US-based retailers, wholesalers and on-line stores. You will additionally receive associate app that may be wont to access the delivery manager program. The program can alter you to trace parcels and organize shipping to your country.

  1. Build a buying deal.

Buy any item from any US-based retailers and wholesalers. These embrace on-line stores that do not sometimes ship to your country. Rather than mistreatment your home address, enter the United States shipping address you received from United States. You will be able to send many product to the present address, so merge them before shipping it to your country. This can prevent even additional. Additionally, our personal looking assistant will build the purchases on your behalf. Knowing the tax laws existing in individual United States and with the required supplying experience, we are going to give you low shipping prices.

  1. Send the products to your country of residence.

Use your Tradex and shipping manager account to prepare delivery of products to your physical location (or to the other address anywhere within the world). We tend to work with major shipping corporations –UPS, FedEx, United States Postal Service and DHL. By merging many things into one package, you will be able to save to eightieth of the shipping value.


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