Advantages of IP Phones for Small Businesses

These days a number of small businesses are making the switch to VoIP business phone systems and there are jolly good reasons for such a change. There are many benefits of using these phone systems. However, the fact of the matter is that several businesses are actually missing out on some of the best features of these phones.

At the very basic level, the features include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Voicemail
  • Call forwarding
  • Call waiting
  • Remote operation
  • Toll free numbers

There are some other features that are also very beneficial for the small businesses.

Door Phone Entry Buzzers

Thanks to this feature small business owners can put together analog door phones. This will allow them to have two way calls with visitors. Once they seem to be good enough, you can use the phone itself to unlock your door. This is a great feature when it comes to making your office safer.

Routing Find Me or Follow Me Calls

This feature is great for people who are consistently on the go. With this feature a business owner is able to make a list of numbers where they can be contacted before a call being made to them gets transferred to the voicemail. The settings can be done on call basis as well, and various communication devices owned by a business owner like cell phones, home phones, etc can be integrated with the same.

Transcription from Voicemail to Email

With this feature small business owners can get their voicemail messages changed to text, which are then sent to their official email or any other email address that they prefer. With this feature there is no need to scribble names, addresses, and numbers on a consistent basis.

small business

This gives them the necessary time to go through these mails properly and then take the necessary action. This feature also enables small business owners to organize their voicemails in a proper way. They can easily file the ones that are necessary and place them in appropriate categories and delete ones that are not necessary. This way, they can refer to them in the future as well.

Music on Hold

This feature is extremely important for companies where callers need to be put on hold. It is always better to choose the right music and shy away from having either no songs or tunes that normally play in places like elevators. With this feature you can actually choose what your callers will be listening to when they are on hold.

Bandwidth Usage with Detailed Reports of Inbound and Outbound Calls

Small business owners place a lot of importance on tracking data as they try and figure out directions in which the time and energy of their company resources can be channelized.

A VoIP service, which is cloud based and also properly managed, can provide proper information on how the company’s bandwidth is being used. This is how companies can gauge data usage patterns over definite periods of time.

You also get detailed reports on inbound and outbound calls. This way you can get a proper idea of your organization’s call history like the rate centers, duration, destination, and originator of calls. You also get a fair idea of the costs being thus accrued.

Call Screening

This is a very important feature of VoIP systems because of how useful it can be. Yet they are forgotten more often than most. With this facility you can see who is calling you and then take a decision as to how you are going to treat the call. In case of important calls, they can be redirected to your cell phone. The unnecessary numbers can be disconnected as well.

Coaching Tools

With the help of these phones you can actually give tips and suggestions to your employees while they are on a call rather than after a call has ended. There are features such as whisper and barge with which you can both train your employees and also monitor how they are performing on the phone.

With barge you can listen to a call between a client and your employee without disturbing them. You can decide whether you need to alert them or not. With the whisper facility you can provide them advice, information, and tips. The best thing is that the client does not know that your employee is being helped.

Auto Attendant

This is one of the relatively lesser known, yet one of the finest, facilities of these phones. With this feature callers can interact with menus and choose a proper extension. This will make your business appear to be more professional and more impressive in the bargain. This is similar to having an electronic receptionist.


This is a pretty commonly known facility but not as commonly used especially in the context of the wide array of applications involved. With this facility, you can set up monitors for conference floors and also manage invitations, muting individuals, and hand raises etc.

Quite often online conferences can get rather problematic especially without proper management. This is one tool that helps you learn the ways to pull one off sans hiccups.

Do Not Disturb

With this feature you can actually use these phones as do not disturb signs. These can be used on a temporary basis in order to ensure that no incoming calls disturb your concentration. This feature is extremely useful, especially in contexts such as conferences, meetings, and lunches.

You can also use this feature in such a way that your callers are not completely shut off and are instead redirected towards alternative options such as voicemails or other substitute numbers.

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  1. Hi,

    I’ve been a great fan of apple products and I guess the best thing about their products is they never hang and gives awesome user experience.

    Indeed iphones can be of great use if we used for small businesses and also large scale business.


  2. Hi Toposh,

    How are you doing?

    One of my friends is running small IT company, before some days ago, he asked me something like that. At that time, I have no idea about IP Phones.

    I want to say thanks to you to share this post with detailed advantage, Now I can help to my friend.

    Have a nice weekend 🙂


  3. IP phones are gaining great market due to its extra ordinary features and gadgets.

  4. Hi Taposh,
    My Brother & I were planning to open a small startup company. We were looking for phones that we should provide on the desks and luckily I stumbled here. Thanks for sharing your views on IP phones. I think we should go with this only.

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