Search Engine Optimization Seo – Real Tips for Begginers

Are you hear about search engine optimization SEO? Answer will be yes or no. Search engine optimization SEO  is the process to rank a website in the first place in search engine. Search engine optimization is the short form of SEO.

What is search engine optimization seo?

I need to clear this.When you type a query in search box and after hit search button, you will see that google presents a search result according to your need. This is called search results. I think, you are thinking a question. Why this website is listed in the first place, those are not?

Search engine optimization SEO is those process to rank a keyword, getting traffic to your website, online visibility and more exposure for a website. With search engine optimization SEO, you able to get more targeted visitors to your website.

Search engine optimization SEO

Search engine optimization SEO divided into two ways. That is called on page SEO and off page SEO. On page, SE0 is more like backend work and off page SEO is front end work after finishing backend on page SEO.


In previous, I already told that, this is a work that you need to do it in the admin panel. Let me explain here. On page SEO is actually a process that depends on listed this works like title tag optimization with keyword, keyword research and analysis content optimization, keyword density, alt tag optimization, hyperlink with keyword optimization, meta tag optimization, meta description optimization, XML sitemap submission, image optimization, outbound link creation and much more.

In search engine optimization SEO, most of all work done in on page SEO. On page, seo creates a great impact in search engine optimization SEO.  A well-optimized content is more chances to get higher ranking in sharp.

In on page SEO, right keyword choosing is a great deal. For a new website, if someone choosing 1 or two phrase keyword, then it will not work but if you choose long tail keyword then it will more profitable from the short form keywords.



In search engine optimization SEO, off page SEO is a process to make quality backlinks for a website. If you have the niche related backlinks more from your competitors, then your chances are more to rank high in serp.

In search engine optimization SEO, Off-page Seo means making quality link building. And quality link building depends on where and how you are making a link. You can easily make a link from directory submission, article submission, guest posting, forum link, RSS link, press release link and much more.

According to googles latest update hummingbird, you need to make faithful and niche related backlinks. If this not your link will not count by google  when they update.

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