How To Protect Your Eyes From Computer Screen

The computer plays a vital role in modern technology. We cannot live any single day without this device. Because it is an essential part of our life. But do you know that using computer lots of time can hamper in your eyes? You need to protect your eyes.

A statics shows that personal computer users have increased rapidly with the little amount of time. This device is now using from school, home to the corporate office. Apart from personal work, this device is also used for entertainment.

Using computer lots of times can hamper to your eyes. You need to protect your eyes. But how…..?

But everyone needs to know if you are using computer lots of time that can effect in your eyes. This is happening since using computer continuously. Also, it can cause dangerous effects in your eyes. As the result, you will go through with many eye diseases.

protect your eyes

We have already discussed how to speed up computer. With this, you can speed your computer. We have also published 100 computer keyboard shortcuts. This will help you to finish your work super-fast.

In one word, you just need to protect your eyes. For this, specialist has given some special tips to protect your eyes from the computer. You just need to follow them accurately.

By following these tips you can protect your eyes from the computer screen–

  1. Try to use a computer by keeping light switched on. In day time, computer reflects light in his opposite direction. In this reason, try to switch off the light and the window at this time. Set up your computer in those positions where lights are not reached. Also, stay away to use your computer in darkness.
  2. Try to maintain an eye level with the computer screen. This is very important for eye health.
  3. Try to keep balances your computer brightness. If the brightness is high, then your eyes will sufferings with lots of pressure. Also, you will feel uneasy then.
  4. Green is confessed as a good color for eyes. You can look green outside in your working gap.
  5. Don’t use small fonts on your computer. Try to use, accurate fonts for your PC. Small fonts, create extra pressure on eyes.
  6. Friction your two hands palm properly and it will create a hit. Then put your palm in your eyes. Do it 1 minute. Now you will feel comfortable in your eyes.
  7. Unclean screen can hamper in your eyesight. This creates problems to read fonts. So make your computer screen tidy.
  8. You can also use glasses to protect your eyes from the computer. You can appoint an eye specialist for this. If you glass, then you don’t need to see your computer screen directly. The glass will protect your eyes. It will work as a medium.

The eye is very important for us. So we need to give attention to this. If you follow the steps above, you can protect your eyes from the computer screen. Also, if you found this post useful, then don’t forget to share this post with social media.




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