How to Play Your Damaged Video Easily

Every day we are doing lots of our essential work from home through our computer. At the time of work, we need some leisure time. In the leisure time, we need to entertain ourselves. Then we see movie, song, listening music etc. to entertain ourselves.

At that time…….“Video file is corrupted or damaged”-Do you like to see this types of things???If you want to open this file in Media player or Video Lan player, you won’t be able to open this file!!!

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If you want to repair this file, then you will lose the original quality. So, now what you will do???You have to download this file again or buy a new cd/dvd. Offf……!!!!!


Want to get rid of this problem?????So…..This is the time to know “how to solve this types of problem?”….There are solutions of every types of problems. So, this problem has, too….To solve this types of problems, you have to follow these steps given below…….

The steps are……

1) Download the software SM player from the link given below….

2) Now install the software.

3) Between the installations of this software, this software will download its own code. So when you install this software, you have to on your internet connection.


4) Now try to play a corrupt video firstly in Windows Media player and then in Video Lan player. You will get message as you like. But there is repair option in Video Lan player, but it’s not usable.


5) Now please open the software SM player.


6) Now drag the corrupt video file and play it with this software or in the old way, open the corrupt video file using file>open command.


hh….!!!!Yes…!!!The file is running…!!!

f you want to take any screen shot, then press the camera button. You can’t take any screen shot usually in any video file.The quality of the screen shot depends on the quality of your video file.

video last

here is another feature in this program and that is ‘subtitle’. For this, click the Find subtitles on…” from the subtitle menu…

video last1Now you can download that you like from the result.

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