New SceneNavi app from Scenester, Inc.

In the vast sea of social networking apps, a new one is coming from Scenster. Its name is SceneNavi, and it is a unique app with the best social and navigational features merged together.

SceneNavi allows its users to explore the scene around them and find different kinds of venues they might be interested in. With this app users can navigate their surroundings and discover movie theatres, bars, clubs, restaurants and events nearby, and then read the reviews other users have left about them.

What’s even more useful is that SceneNavi, thanks to a clever Snapchat integration, offers users an opportunity to stream live videos of a place they are visiting and share them with others who use the app. This way, when a user selects a place they want more information on, they will be able to watch live videos and get realistic impression of the atmosphere in that place.

The real social feature of SceneNavi is that it allows its users not only to discover new places, but also to connect with new people. Users are able to find people who have similar interests, and then connect and meet with them. For example, if a user wants to see a movie, all they have to do is to use the app to find another user who also wants to see that movie and who is looking for someone to keep them company.


Easily enough, users can arrange to go see the movie together instead of separately. This great feature brings together like-minded people who want to spend a little time with each other, but it also ensures that people who don’t like going to the movies or anywhere else alone, never have to do it again.

Internet is a dangerous place; we’ve all heard that before. So, how do we know that those users we want to meet are really who they say they are? SceneNavi has found a practical solution. People, much like venues or events, can be rated by those who’ve already spent some time with them.

Other users can leave reviews about their time with them, and those reviews will then be available to be seen by anyone else who is interested in meeting them. In other words, as their rating grows, others will be more likely to trust them and they’ll know that they will probably have great time with them.

Those who don’t want to interact with other users much will be happy to know that that part is completely optional. Not only that, but users don’t even have to register unless they want to, and they can use the app as a guest and navigate the scene completely anonymously.

SceneNavi isn’t the only thing Scenester offers. There are also Scenester Live, a radio station, SceneTV, a television channel, and another app – Burger, created to help its hungry users find the best burgers near them. Innovation and creativity seem to be this company’s permanent companions as it works to help people have fun, together.

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