New Methods To Increase Your Page rank

I think you start a blog and probably finding the best possible methods to increase your page rank. First of all, I need to give you a simple introduction in page rank. Page rank is that rank that’s determining a webpage value. It is also called web rank.

This service is served from Google. It is measured by 0 to 10.Now come to the main point. Achieving good page rank is not so easy other hand not so hard. You need to do quality back links for your website. Google changed his algorithm. Now they are working with their latest search engine algorithm called hummingbird after penguin and panda.

Google High Pagerank

Now in this post, I will tell you how effectively you will able to build back links for your website. The total entire process is white hat. There’s all methods that I described in this post is pure white hat with recommended method by search engine giant Google.

Guest Post

I think that, you already heard about guest posting. Guest posting is one of the best possible methods to build back links. It is also proving methods to build back links. It is the process till the date every webmasters and bloggers are following these methods for back link purpose. For further reading: Free Blogging Sites for Guest Blogging

There are several types of advantages for guest blogging. When you published by your guest post on authorities sites, then you will get lot of traffic from these sites. Further this traffic is referral but it has significant value. You will get much referral traffic and your website able to gain much exposure from others.

Some days ago, I read an article form matt cuts blog. He there mentioned that, every webmasters and bloggers need to do their guest posting with quality. Don’t accept guest post which seeking low quality and done for seo purpose. So be careful.

Always try to post your guest post on high page rank website. Because, it will pass link juice for your website. Most bloggers get 2 back links from author bio. It will sure increase your page rank.

Content Length and Frequency

I think this tactics is might be new for you and all. This is the lesson I learnt from seo god father Neil Patel. He shows that long content rank high in search engine. He showed some prove that articles that at least 2183 words long have better possibility to rank high in serp and also get high social share.

So what I learnt from this? Always try to post article with detail. Detailed contain get high page rank and high search engine ranking position. Always try to stick with your customers. In this reason, you need to update your blog regularly basis. Posting 3 -5 articles is best to stick with your readers. But if you want high growth then 2-3 post per day. After you doing this, it will sure affect your page rank.

Social Media

In 2014, seo made some changes. Social media is so important for search engine optimization seo. There are many peoples who already ignored social media, now this is the high time to change their seo habits. Now search engine giant Google counts social share for their rankings.

I have a case study. That’s shows that those post’s that have enough social share, better possibility to get high page rank and better position in serp. There are many social available for social bookmarking but among them Google+ is best for social share. Always try to increase your Google plus social share. It will definitely help you boost your page rank.


Infographics is the new trend to increase your back links. Infographics is a visual that’s bears lots of information. There are many free resources to create your free infographics. If you use wordpress then use embedded code generator plugin. When someone pastes this on their sites, you will get back links. From this your infographics go viral.


Starting a blog and increase page rank is the mandatory for all bloggers. Different people have different monetizing service for their blog, some people have affiliates and some are selling their goods. So in this situation they need lots of traffic. If someone follows these methods, they will never look back behind.

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