The New G700 Tactical Flashlight is A Beast

Recently on all social Medias a new power flashlight from Lumitact was released that was unavailable to the public until now. Used as a military grade weapon by the US army, the G700 flashlight was specifically made for combat. With a staggering power of 700 lumens the G700 is the ultimate flashlight that is finally available for public use after Lumitact dropped contract with US army. 

When we think about flashlights the first thing that comes on our mind is that old flashlight at our basement that is foggy and blurb when turned on. Extreme powerful flashlight like the G700 is more than a flashlight, with several of features it can be used in every type of situations.

G700 revolutionary LED technology

The thing that separates this G700 flashlight form the other powerful is in their pattern LED technology. To stood up from the competition Lumitact developers had to create an ultimate flashlight that can serve as a recreational item, but also as a self-defense tool. Instead of using LED lights like every flashlight does the developers used the revolutionary LED chip that is the source of the 700 lumen power.


Battery capacity  

Long lasting battery capacity is crucial in any mobile device, especially on a flashlight that its main goal is to last longer in cases of emergency. Statistically speak on a regular flashlight the life longevity on a average flashlight is about 15.000 hours power only with 3 Double-AA batteries and keep in mind, they only have 150 lumen power, but on the other side the G700 has been made to last up to 100.000 hours.

Rechargeable batteries  G

Buying batteries is one of the things that keeps us from buying a flashlight because we all too lazy to get new batteries every month. Having this information in mind the developers upgraded the flashlight to have a rechargeable option with an USB cable that can be connected to any mobile device or an adapter.

Focus mode

Features are the things that make flashlights amazing especially when you combine it with high lumen power. Design for military purposes this flashlight comes with 5 pre-set modes: high, low, medium, SOS and strobe. The strobe mode is designed as a self-defense mode which was used as a military tactic to neutralized enemy forces in perimeter of 2000feet.

Telescoping mode

Any hunter or camper recommend having telescoping mode on their flashlights for the crucial perimeter around you that guarantees your safety from any potential danger. It’s highly recommended to have at least 2000 feet of viewable perimeter around you, but until now there wasn’t a technology for a mobile device with batteries. There are also 5 different telescoping modes:

  • X1
  • X250
  • X500
  • X1000
  • X2000

Indestructible material

Made with an aircraft aluminum which is also used in manufacturing airplanes, this flashlight is made to last on harsh condition. In any given environment on hot and cold conditions the G700 will last up to 4months without recharging it and still be using it on a daily basis.


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