How to Use Android Mobile Internet On PC

Do you want to use mobile internet on PC? But you want to use it on your android handset or something similar. But don’t know how to use mobile internet on PC from android handset. This tutorial is only for you. It may help you…..

Are you wish to use software to use mobile internet on PC?

There are many software’s like PC suits or any software in a normal handset. But to use mobile internet on PC, we don’t need this types of software. You can share internet in many ways with your PC.

You can use data-cable, blue-tooth, Wi-Fi etc. Usually, there is no blue-tooth in desktop. It’s the problem to share internet, but not to worry. You can get the opportunity to use data-cable. If you want to share internet, then please follow the ways given below………….

Follow this steps to use mobile internet on PC with android

1st step: At first, you have to connect your original data-cable to your PC and then phone. There you will see an option to turn on USB, but there you have to press the back button to off it. Because this types of phone doesn’t store data and share internet at a time.

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2nd step: Now press the home button on your phone and go to settings from a menu. There you will see ‘’more’’ written under wireless and networks. You have to press the ‘more’ button.

mobile internet on PC


3rd step: Now press the button Tethering and portable hotspot…

4th step: In this section, you will get USB tethering. Now come from there after check the USB tethering box.Then you can see you has got the internet.

So, now you can realize how easy this way is. But you can connect it to your PC with the help of Bluetooth device. There is also Wi-Fi opportunity in laptop, so you can use internet in hotspot zone.

To connect internet with the help of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, you will have to follow these steps except the fourth one. On the fourth step, you have to select setup Wi-Fi hotspot to use it.

But I will advise you to use USB. Because your phone needs you can do two things at a time…one is you can charge your phone and another is to use mobile internet on PC.

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