Make A New Folder Without Using Any Name

The computer is the main important medium that’s dominating our lives. We can’t live without these blessings. Today I will give you, how to make a new folder. Just think, make a new folder without name. Folder is the path where we keep our files.

We use a folder to keep our important files. We already shared how to lock a drive, how to lock a folder and how to colors the folder. This post is well-known by all.. We already knew about it.

This post’s main thing is how to make a new folder without name.

I am just thinking that, this post will be loved by those people who love computer tricks tips. This how to make a new folder without name will go viral for them.

make a new folder

Not tomorrow, today I will show you how to make a new folder without name….

But I know that, there are many people who already knew about this trick. But most of them does not know how to make a new folder without using any kind of name, letters or something else.

If you want to make a new folder without name, then follow these instructions—–

1) At first make a new folder with any name.

2) Now select your folder. Press F2 of your keyboard or click the right button above this folder and click renames.

3) After that, type 0160 by pressing right ALT button.

4) Now release the ALT key. Then the folder’s name will remove. Press Enter key.

5) That’s ok. You are ready to use folder without name.

I have tried my best to help you to make a new folder without name. If you think that this post works for you very well and helped you so much, then don’t forget to share this post on various social media.

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