The Importance of Local SEO

PurpleFruit is a UK based digital marketing agency, which provides expert guidance to local businesses, with particular emphasis placed on SEO in Surrey.

Keeping ahead of the algorithms and search engine demands in the ever changing landscape of technology can be a mammoth task, particularly for small local businesses.  A team of expert geeks is constantly keeping clients SEO activities on point and in the best position possible.

No matter the size of the business, it is important that the smaller businesses can establish a presence on the web, and have a chance of competing against the big names.  Big companies have larger budgets and resources, and it is sometimes difficult to make room for a fledgling business.


The team at PurpleFruit have developed a strategy that takes advantage of their years of knowledge and skills, and allows small business to be in a prime position to secure new business and leads.  One of the biggest issues faced by small business is time to invest in maintaining a web presence, aside from managing a business.

Mark Hawkshaw-Burn, Managing Director at PurpleFruit comments that “The small business is always operating under tight budgets or limited time.  Our team of geeks understands this and have created packages that allow entrepreneurs’ a stress free way of being in the best position on the web”.

When we take a closer look at what is happening with search engines, there are so many factors that the likes of Google consider, before returning results.  There is a trend emerging, which offers an opportunity for true local business to sit in a prime position, and actually compete for business.

These solutions require careful action and planning, as well as a deeper understanding of the potential end client. “It is the essential to understand the clients business, as well as clearly identify the correct target audience.

Listening to the objectives, understanding the goals and advising what is possible by using clearly defined keywords”, Mark went on to say, “there are so many things for a small business to consider, the web appears to be the biggest minefield.  We aim to take that burden from them, and be a natural extension of their business.”


It is clear to see that the team at PurpleFruit offer a practical solution for Surrey SEO rankings. They also do not commit the client to a lengthy contract term or minimum.  Of course it goes without saying that results cannot be expected overnight.  By utilizing only the most transparent of practices can we expect to see local business not only ranks higher, but maintain their position over a sustained time period.


There are many more changes expected over the coming years, with search traffic is going to become more localized. It is important for all business to consider this when updating their sites or social media platforms.  This is the evolution of technology today, and for small business this can be the most difficult part of all.


With the balance of search traffic shifting to mobile devices, it is more important than ever to have a good strong local SEO presence, for your next client could be passing you right now.  The team at PurpleFruit understand what is evolving, and ensure their clients stay one step ahead.  The first step to find out more about what they do and how is here at SEO Surrey


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  1. I can see why SEO is so important. Like you said, there are so many factors when it comes to search engine searches, so you would probably need help with it all. I don’t know anything about search algorithms and things, so I would need some SEO assistance!

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