Guest Post Guidelines-Quick Tips to get Accepted Everytime

Probably, you have submitted a guest post and they have turned it down. Otherwise, you don’t have enough brave to submit a guest post blog like Problogger or Copyblogger. Because you are afraid of rejection. You just need to follow the proper guest post guidelines. Because, proper guest post guidelines can solve this problems.

In this post, I will give you some special guest post guidelines to get accepted, your guest post for every time. In later, you will need free guest post sites. But at first, you need proper guidelines. Do you know exactly, what is guest posting?

Guest post is a one kind of quality post that served by guest authors. I have seen lots of bloggers they only do guest posting only for DoFollow backlinks. I have a question in this situation. Is this really good to do guest posting, we do only for backlinks?If you need traffic from United States, then read this content “How to get traffic United States”.

Somehow answer will be yes and somehow no. I have seen many bloggers they have lots of ability to do quality work but depending on some reasons they don’t able to give their best. They just need some quick tweaking and useful motivation. Proper motivations encourages people to do quality art work.

guest post guidelines

If you search on Google, then you will see lots of new bloggers seeking to do a guest post. But for their innocence reason they don’t able to approve their guest post by the authors. I am giving you some guest post guidelines, you just need to follow them and need to find you which criteria you don’t fill till now.

Guest Post Guidelines-Relevant Topic

1) You just need to find the topic that matched by your topic. It is quite wise. If your subject is not matched by submitting blog, then there is no chance to approve by the author. Also, if you do guest posts matching by your topic it have a good chance to get some quality traffic from those blogs.

2) Relevant topic is more useful from irrelevant topic. Targeted referral traffic, much exposure and counted do follow backlinks. As per we all knew that, Google only count backlinks that is relevant by your site. So you have a better chance to get high page rank.

Guest Post Guidelines-Focus Your Content

3) You need to focus your content with deeply. Suppose, you are trying to convince the audience about my phone app, but if it is not focused with good manners, then all your effort will be vain. If you reject for this reason, then you have nothing left to say about this.

4) So when you write articles, just before starting make a quick research on your topic. It will help you to a lot to write more things and it will deliver more focused content. Don’t write as rubbish and don’t fill your content with unnecessary topics. It will harm your readership.

Guest Post Guidelines-Well Seo Optimized

5) Before starting an article,make some keyword research about your topic. A well SEO optimized or search engine optimized article has a better chance to approve by the authors. What do I mean by well seo optimized? Do you have any idea in keyword density? How do you use keywords? lots of questions involve in your mind.

6) Start your content with targeted keywords. Keep your keyword density around 2%. I mean use your targeted keyword 10 times in 500 word articles. If you write more words, then calculate based on 2%. A well SEO optimized article always has a better chance to get accepted by the authors.

Guest Post Guidelines-Editorial Guideline 

7) Follow the editorial guest post guidelines. Read it very carefully. You will see,how an author wants a guest post from you. I have seen lots of authors who want to keep their minimum article length of 500 words. If you want to know “how many articles you should post”.

But in this guidelines, you need to write article around 1200 words will be better. If your article is well researched and detailed, then there is more chance to get accepted your guest post. Also, don’t forget to fill your author bio section. It’s must.

As a novice, if you follow these guest post guidelines, I guaranteed you will never be disappointed. Your post will be published very soon by the admin.



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