25 Google Chrome Desktop Browser Shortcut tips

How are you every one? Today my post all belongs to google chrome desktop browser shortcut. Most of us passing our leisure time using internet. For browsing internet, we are using many internet browser. Google chrome desktop browser is one of them.

Google chrome desktop browser is the best browser in my opinion……….

For browsing internet, my first choice is Mozilla fire fox. But also Google chrome desktop browser have a great feature to use. We know that already, shortcut makes the work more easy. Not only easy but also help to finish the work very fast.

Google chrome desktop

I have already posted 100 essential computer keyboard shortcut. Hope you enjoyed well. Today I am posting 25 important Google chrome desktop browser shortcut. Hope this may be made your browsing more easy and comfortable.

 Google Chrome Desktop Browser Shortcut List

Shortcut Keys Description
Alt + Home Open your home page.
Backspace or Alt + Left Arrow Back a page.
Alt + Right Arrow Forward a page.
F5 Refresh current page, frame, or tab.
F11 Display the current website in full screen mode. Pressing F11 again will exit this mode.
Esc Stop page or download from loading.
Ctrl + (- or +) Zoom in our out of a page ‘-‘ will decrease and ‘+’ will increase. Ctrl + 0 will reset back to default.
Ctrl + 1-8 Pressing Ctrl and any number 1 through 8 will move to the corresponding tab in your tab bar.
Ctrl + 9 Switch to last tab.
Ctrl + Enter Quickly complete an address. For example, type computerhope in the address bar and press CTRL + ENTER to get http://www.computerhope.com.
Ctrl + Shift + Del Open the Clear Data window to quickly clear private data.
Ctrl + D Add a bookmark for the page currently opened.
Ctrl + Shift + O Open the Bookmark manager.
Ctrl + J Display the download window.
Ctrl + K or Ctrl + E Move the cursor to the browser address bar.
Ctrl + N Open New browser window.
Ctrl + Shift + N Open a new window in incognito mode.
Ctrl + P Print current page or frame.
Ctrl + T Opens a new tab.
Ctrl + F4 or Ctrl + W Closes the currently selected tab.
Ctrl + Shift + T Undo the close of a window.
Ctrl + Tab Moves through each of the open tabs.
Spacebar Moves down a page at a time.
Shift + Spacebar Moves up a page at a time.
Alt + Down arrow Display all previous text entered in a text box and available options on drop down menu.

In my opinion, firefox and google chrome desktop browser is the finest browser in my view. They have lots of feature to make browsing more special. Use this shortcuts for google chrome desktop browser……You will be perfect…….

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