Google Authorship Verification Tips for WordPress

Are you hearing about Google authorship? The answer will be yes or no. Google authorship is a program powered by Google, which you able to place rel=’’author” markup for your posts. With Google authorship, you will able to verify your real author for your posts.

I think that is a great opportunity to prevent the post from spamming. Google authorship, I think really need for all. It has many features. Some big among them is you will get high culture, your face will be shown in Google search results and your post will prevent from spamming with rel=’’author”.

Now come to the main point, I will show you how easily you will able to verify your Google authorship in WordPress with WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin.

Some instructions for this

1)      First, you need to install WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin.

2)      Then, Go to your WordPress admin panel and log in.

3)      On the dashboard panel see left sidebar, then you will find an option named seo. Click this option and go to social links.

4)      In social you will find an option named google+. Then click this option.

5)      There is available to option for you that is authored for home page and Google publisher page. Drop author name from the author for homepage and paste your Google plus page URL. Then click save changes.

NB: You need to the same name as your WordPress profile means login user name and Google plus means Gmail name.

google authorship

6)      Then go to your Google plus profile page. You will find a links tab before the footer. Click on contributor link and add your biographical page like

google authorship

7)      Then go to the Google data structure tool. Your will able to see if it is really working or not. A snippet preview will show you this.

google authorship

Google authorship verification tips is a great tip for newbie. With this tip you will able to verify your google authorship with WordPress.



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