How To Get Targeted Visitors from U.SA.

Off!!!!! That’s rubbish. There is no such amount of traffic from United States. What I do now? Oh my god my ad sense cost per click is gone down. My sales are decreases day by day. How can I get visitors from usa?

Are there any solution is left to prevent this problem.

Hey my readers if you are suffering with this type of problem, then you are in right place. Today my post is according this. These days bringing targeted traffic to a website is an essential part of seo and return on investment. I have searched on Google in many times but I had not count anything special that’s really help me. I am sure, if you follow this described step, you will sure see the result.

.US Domain

You will see that many of people using .us domain apart from .com .org etc. Why they use this? Either they have usa related business or they are doing this only for seo purpose. I am also using .us domain to my website. You saw that, my websites topic is blogging, Seo. Why I am using this? Only for seo benefit.

Yes, I have lot of USA visitors and United States is my primary traffic source. If you want anything to say about this, I don’t care. I have the proof and my website is role model for this. There are several things about .com domain, they only rank higher in worldwide not every country but .us domain also ranks high in USA.

How To Get Targeted Visitors from U.SA.

Geo Targeting

Are you before hear about geo targeting? Geo targeting is a system or service served Google webmaster tool. For doing this, you need to log with webmaster tool and then select your site. After doing this, in right hand side, you will see a gear icon. Click this and set your preferred country. I think, it will little bit help you to grow your targeted visitors.

Social media

Do your seo with social media. Not all of social media will help you. Reedit, stumble upon and twitter have huge usa traffic. Target this traffic for your website. If you gain little bit traffic from this site, you will sure able to get your USA traffic for your website.

For reedit, build your karma with commenting on others topic. If you achieve well known reputation in reedit, then you will get huge up votes for your contents. That will help you.


Make your profile on USA forum, related to your niche. Always try to make a good communication with forum members. Reply to other questions. That will help you.

Keyword Research

Before start an article, make a little bit research on ad words tool. If you write an article about USA related topic according with keyword, you will get huge traffic from this.

So lastly, I want to tell you all the audience, this post is the reflect of my research. I spend many times over internet, I found about this, and then I researched and got the result. So it is best for you to use this method and gain your targeted visitors.


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