First Anniversary of Talkandtalkers Technology Blog

Now I can say blogging is incredible. Blogging have no bindings. I am flying on the blogging sky. On the last year 22nd October I have created this website. I am celebrating 1st anniversary of my blog. Today, my blog has just passed 1 year. 

I am very happy today you know.In this reason, I am giving thanks to all of my loyal readers, blogger friends and every person behind this blog.

In 1 year, I have done lots of work on my blog. At first, I have created and modified my websites logo. Because branding is important for every website. Then, I have written more clean answers in my FAQ page. Also, I have added a contact page for contacting with me.

Anyone can contact me by hesitate and I am trying to reply them ASAP. Also, I have added subscription form after my post. If you subscribe, you will get fresh content in your message box.


talkandtalkers happy birthday


Also, I have written detail content on how to set up a blog with hostgator? Also, if you want to start with bluehost then no problem. I have detailed guide on how to set up a blog with bluehost less than 5 minutes. Also, I am trying to write detailed tutorial on WordPress and seo.

Now I am seeing that my blog has 76 posts and 10 pages in my blog. I don’t accept any comments. But I really like suggestion and feedback. It helps me to lot to change my work. You can contact me via contact form. I will send you reply. Promise………..!!!!!

Now I want to share my websites statics that I have got in passing year. This will give you an idea about my blog.

If you using Firefox and installed seo toolbar add-on and seomoz add-on then you will see I have no Page Rank. Because there is no page rank update still today after 6 December, 2013. Expecting will get good Page Rank in next update.

Still I have 100k above Alexa rank. Expecting will cross this milestone very soon. Now if you turned on seomoz statics then you will see I have 38 page authority, 29 domain authority out of 100. Also I have 5.57 moz rank with 165 back links.

Will increase this very soon. I am working to get good quality back links for my website. Will publish some healthy guest posts on my friend bloggers website. Now I am telling about my visitor statics.

Visitor Statics

TalkAndTalkers have still low impression from search engines. However, we are passing our 1st anniversary. We have got 6248 sessions, 4708 users, 11602 page views, average 1.86 page view per session.

talkandtalkers Analytics

Average session duration is 2.38. Bounce rate is 77.75%. And we got 75.35% new visitors. Then, we have 24.65% returning visitors.

Most viewed content (#Page views)

Most viewed content in this year are listed below. Top 5 most unique page view getting contents are-

Free press release sites list with high page rank ——-1194

Forum posting sites list with high page rank ———-574

How to get do follow back links from interest? ———-409

Article submission sites list with high page rank ——–301

10 free pdf and document submission sites list ———-281

My most uniuqe page view getting content from seo category. Above from image, you are seeing that press release post get most of unique views from search engines.

This post got almost 1194 unique page views. Also, it has almost 5.54 minutes average time on that page. That’s telling that how well this post is working on search engines.


most viewed content


I have some future plan with my blog. Mainly, I am trying to help new bloggers who want to start a blog or already started. This is my main motto for this blog. Also I want to work with government to help our illiterate people to teach them outsourcing.

Also I am working on freelancing websites to help out other. You can check out my WordPress consulting service. I have little bit future seo plan for my website. In this reason, I am working for several keywords.

At last I want to give special thanks from bottom of my heart to my friend bloggers who helped me lot to make myself and this blog more valuable among our readers.

Special Thanks to

Pradeep Kumar of SlashSquare

Vishal Sharma of Allbloggingways

Karan Singh Chauhan of Bloggingways

Kulwant Nagi of Bloggingcage

That’s all for now……… I will comeback very soon with great tutorials that will really help you. Thanks to all.


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