TalkAndTalkers–(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is TalkAndTalkers?
A: TalkAndTalkers is an online tech blog focused on software reviews, how-to guides, video tutorials, tech news and productivity tips.

Q: What is the purpose of this site?
A: Every time I love to help people . For this reason I started this blog. There are many categories tutorial on this website .And I regularly discover interesting things online that you never knew existed .

Q: Who is the author of this website?
A: The site is written by Taposh Kapuria. He is an Engineering student in I.P.E. And is one of the well known professional bloggers in the world. He also works as a personal technology columnist .

Q: How do I contact with you ?
A:You can either write an email at sabita.kapuria@gmail.com or send a tweet @talkandtalkers, or directly send me a Facebook message. Alternatively, for something urgent, you can call me at 880-01842648648 but please keep the conversation brief. I do not offer tech support over the phone.

Q: Do you accept guest posts?
A: No

Q: Can our company hire you?
A: Yes you can. I am a professional SEO expert.

Q: Can I reprint your article on my blog or in a print magazine / newspaper?
A: The short answer is no . Plagiarism is evil and we may sometimes file a DMCA complaint against websites that republish our content illegally.

Q: Will you review my product?
A: Yes. Like any other tech publication, we love checking out new stuff especially web apps, software and consumer gadgets. Send an email at sabita.kapuria@gmail.com to request product reviews though I obviously cannot cover everything that’s out there. I always honor embargoes and NDAs.

Q: Which hosting service are you using?
A: TalkAndTalkers is hosted at HostGator hosting.

Q: How many hours do you spend blogging?
A: It varies but on an average, I work anywhere between 10-14 hours per day. I am running TalkAndTalkers alone so in addition to writing content, some of the time is also spent in engaging with the community, site maintenance and related administrative work.

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