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WordPress is a content management system that works for any platform. Some years ago, when I was struggling to prove myself in blogging field with BlogSpot blog, then some of friends recommended me to use wordpress.

They also told me that; wordpress is the best platform for blogging compared other platforms. But, I thought that, what is wordpress?

Then, I searched on Google to find more about wordpress. After couple of months, I learnt many things about wordpress from Google. Among them, some remarkable thing is wordpress plugin, wordpress theme. But, I found something crazy, some wordpress plugins and themes are available with resource free and some wordpress plugins and themes are paid.

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At first, when I was started, I started with a free theme. But that was not according to my own need. My need was very simple like don’t need to know any coding knowledge, sidebar sponsorship and well seo optimized. I thought that, my necessity was very simple and I will able to fulfill my desire.

 premium wordpress themes

According to my necessity, I changed many themes in many times. But, it created a negative impact in my blogs branding. After that, I started to use thesis. I think that, premium wordpress themes are very cheap and affordable for those people who don’t want to spend much and have some limitations.

For this purpose, today I am going to share you a quick review about elegant wordpress theme. Among many premium wordpress themes, elegant theme club are more reputable and they have many variety in their themes. I am reviewing this theme only for they are beautiful, cheap, affordable, great support, suited for any platform and all in with one package.

What you will get from this post?

  • What are premium wordpress themes?
  • What is elegant theme club?
  • Why you will buy elegant premium wordpress themes?
  • Elegant theme features
  • How much it will cost?

What are premium wordpress themes?

At first, I will tell you, what is theme? Then I will say you, what is premium wordpress theme? Theme is one kind of responsive design that included with many option like design layout, control panel for controlling everything, plugin option and much more. It was built with Photoshop layout, php coding and css style sheet.

At first, when I started to write this review, I already mentioned that, there are two types of themes some are free and some are paid. Paid theme is those one that you need to pay for using. So paid theme are called premium wordpress themes.

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Premium word press themes are those theme that are not free and not available for free to use. Paid theme and premium theme is same thing. In different situation, people called this with different name.

Premium word…themes-3

As I say, this is not free, some cost effectible, so you need to spend little bit money to use this. If you thinking, why you will buy premium wordpress themes? Then, I will say you are right and if you thinked, there is no difference between free theme and paid theme. Then I must say, you are wrong.

As a named paid theme, then it have sure difference. Paid theme has many features that have not available for free themes. Some points I able to say in short, they have many option to make your theme look better and also customizable, sponsor listing, author option and built in many features that working opposite of many plugin. In this reason, I say that, you sure need a paid theme for your wordpress blog or website.

What is elegant theme club?

As I mentioned earlier about premium wordpress themes, then it is easy to understand that, elegant theme is a premium wordpress themes. According this, elegant theme club is a paid option to join their premium wordpress theme club, so in this reason, they called by elegant theme club.

As like other theme club, elegant theme club also have a great reputation in paid theme section.  They are well known paid theme club for their low pricing and high performance features.

Elegant premium wordpress themes are called by elegant theme club. Because, elegant is great from others, well known business reputation, great support for their customers and 100% customer satisfaction service.

We and everybody knew that, if there is no customer satisfaction, there is no opportunity to gain high position in business. I think, they are well known how to make their business customer satisfied and gain a quality and positive mind for their business.

Why you will buy elegant premium wordpress themes?

Cheap and Affordable

I knew that, at a time of beginning ,there is no high budget to spend much for one section. And if it is for theme, there is no questions. Ithink most of the bloggers keep their budget only for buying top web hosting and domain names. At a time, they have not enough money to register their domain for long period. I think, it is very common for all bloggers and if you have interest to know this matter deeply, you can see in search engine for bloggers lifestyle, entry period and success stories.

Most of the theme are charges between $30 to $200 only for one theme. In this reason, I need to mention you that, elegant themes are not so high price to buy and very affordable price. Elegant premium wordpress themes are most cheap in theme business. They have very reasonable price with their three options.

You will known to good that, if you join elegant theme club, you will not get 1 theme, they have theme bundle, and you will get 87 themes for your business. So if join elegant premium wordpress themes club, you will get 87 good looking and beautiful premium wordpress themes only for $69.

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I think, that sounds cool. Mind blowing, 87 themes and price is only $69. I am calculated that, you are only paying $.79 per theme. If you make some search on Google about per theme price then you will see the real difference. Someone thinking that, if there is any option to get only one theme from theme club but it’s not possible.

As per I knew that, they have huge three packages. Personal package will charge you $69, developer package will charge $89, and lifetime package will charge you only $249. You will get lot of things with one package like plugin, psd files and much more. I will tell you in details what you will get with three different options in how it will cost section.

Suitable for any Platform

Are you thinking, there is any suitable theme for my own business? Yes, there is such many option in elegant premium wordpress themes club that are suitable for any platform. They knew this step very well that how to handle different business customer with different themes.

They offer various types of themes for various platform like app theme, ecommerce theme, magazine theme, personal, responsive and much more. And every day, they are adding new premium wordpress themes for their customer satisfaction. If you buy yearly package from elegant, then all new theme will added your account for free.

Elegant theme club have especially many themes for bloggers. They made different blogging stylish theme for their blog customers. Most of the bloggers have much option to choose different looking them for their blog. And I think, it will sure create a brand for them.


Elegant Theme Features

As I earlier say that, paid theme have many paid options for this reason you are purchasing a premium wordpress themes. I think you need to clearly know that, what are the paid options for premium wordpress themes that are not available in free themes.

So, I explain you clearly what have built in elegant theme. As a quick view, they are epanel, navigation, general settings with many options that are not available in free themes, layout, ad management, and colorizations, see control, integration, short codes, support and much more.


Epanel is a theme control panel that allows you to control your website without touching a line of code. In common words it is theme setting panel that there is many option to control your theme from one place. Many features controlling from one place that is not a free option must be called paid.

Additional features you will get from that will allow you to toggle on and off features, adjust layout system, advertisement management means sponsor ads, control colors and optimize website for search engine optimization. Really, search engine optimized theme is the lifeline for a bloggers or owners.


Are you thinking, epanel and general settings are a same thing, and then I will make an excuse for you? No, they are not a same thing. They both have different features for different positions. If epanel make a website better than they are hugely depend on general settings.

In general settings, you able to adjust post counts as per how many posts you want to show in homepage colors schemes. You also able to upload custom logo for your website in general setting features, you also able to show featured post for your blog, that will create a extra attention for your readers and much more.


As per our thought, navigations are the simple way to reach another page. They build a good relationship with each page. Well structured website is more possibility to get high page rank and able to easily get higher search position in search engine.

From this, the navigation panel allows you to create and remove links more easily. They have also drop down settings features and also able to change the order of your links. If you want to show your personal style then this option will help you.


Design are the first thing when someone or your reader, they first look on your blog design. Also a well designed and managed blog are more possibility to get more readerships for their good designs. A well designed blog attract huge traffic other hand low quality design blog will not achieve this position.

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So, layout tab allow you to easily adjust your site structure, such thing as remove or changing design elements to make a blog or website to look prettier.


Elegant premium wordpress themes have ad management option. Some of bloggers want to show direct ads from their blogs. Because this trick is more easy to earn from a blog. With this ad management option, you will able show your ads in various place and also able to enable and manage these banners.


Color panel is the panel that allows you to quickly adjust the colors of various parts of theme such as font color, title color, hover color, background colors and much more.

If you don’t have any color combination knowledge, then I suggest you to keep the settings default. But if you have any knowledge or own idea, then you can use this section to manage the colors.


Seo control panel is the most and highly used panel in elegant theme. Everybody knew that a well seo optimized website always loved by google and a better chances to place high in serp. High place in search engine ranking position ( serp) then high targeted traffic from search engine.

Organic traffic are the free traffic that send by search engine according to query and position and this traffic sources are valuable for webmasters compare to other source of traffic. You do need to add too many plugins for different purpose in seo.

Divi WordPress Theme

Too many plugins made a website too slow. If your page is slow, then your user expertise will not very good. With this seo control option panel, you able to manage your titles, keywords, description tags, as well as canonical urls for homepage, posts, pages and categories.


The integration tab allows you to easily insert code in various areas for various purposes. For this, you able to add Google analytic code to track your visitors and roi, social media share and much more thing you are able to do with this option.


In those days, when I was started my blogging journey, designing and organizing a posts never been easier. In this theme club, you will find many options like buttons, boxes, toggled content, tab content, slideshow, image slider and much more for your content designing.


Support is the best way to communicate with customers. A well company with bad support or nothing support option does not have any value in business. I think you don’t need to think for support.

In epanel, there is a doc file for support and if this does not satisfy you, you able to send a timely support request will email or add a new topic in forum. That will sure help you.

How much it will cost?

Now, I will tell you in details with which account type, you need to accurately how much pay and what you will get and access to do.

With personal account, you need to pay only $69 for per year. Associating with personal account, you have complete access to all themes, perpetual theme updates, and premium technical support. No complete access to all plugins, no layered photoshop files.

premium wordpress themes

Developer is the most popular option. You need to pay $89 for per year. You able to complete access to all themes, perpetual theme updates, premium technical support, complete access to all plugging, layered Photoshop files and much more.

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If you think, you not able to pay as a yearly basis then, lifetime access option are best for you. But it is too bit expensive. You need to pay $249 for one time. However it is expensive, it is a profitable option for all. You will get complete access to all themes, perpetual theme updates, premium technical support, complete access to all plugins, layered Photoshop files, no yearly basis fees and much more.


In this review post, I tried to give you the best knowledge according to your necessity. I focus from beginning to all steps that you really need. I none left any step that you need but I am not touch on this section. I tried my best from my heart to give you the real result.

I have real and actual knowledge with this premium wordpress themes club. In this reason I recommended you to buy this premium wordpress themes. Many well known reputed bloggers are using this premium wordpress theme and you why not?

premium wordpress themes

Elegant theme club are the best premium wordpress theme club. I think, after you read this, you will sure take a look in their theme.If you found anything helpful from this topic for you plz share this post on social media.

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