How to Create a Facebook Account

Facebook is an online free social bookmarking site. It is the second largest social networking sites according to traffic. Its name comes from a colloquialism from the directory given to American university students.

At the beginning time, it was restricted its membership in the Boston area. Now this time, there is no restriction to register. Over 13 years old, can easily create a Facebook account for membership. Most of the Facebook users are high school or college students. It was found by Mark Zuckerberg and with his friends. It was launched by february4, 2004.

Facebook has more than 500 million active users. It has 50 million active users on October 2007 and 100 million active users on august 2008. An average facebook users has 130 friends. An average Facebook user spends 700 minutes per month on Facebook.

Create a Facebook Account

I found more interesting that, Facebook has gotten 5.3 billion fans every day, 55 million status updated everyday, 70 available translations. 70% of users are outside the united states. 150 million users currently  access Facebook with mobile devices.

I think this statics for Facebook is very interesting to read. So, today I am going to share with you a great post on how to create a Facebook account. I think, this type of post is only for the novice.

Some instructions for create a facebook account

1)      To create a Facebook account, first go to this link, for creating a Facebook account

2)      Then put your first name and last name.

3)      Put your email address.

4)      Re-entering your email address.

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5)      Create  a password.

6)      Fill your birthday.

7)      Verify your gender by fill the block.

8)      Then click, sign up.

9)      Now verify your email address and mobile number. I think to create a Facebook account, verifying email address is necessary.

10)   Set your avatar.

11)   Make your profile more beautiful for easy to reach you.




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