How To Colors The Folder of Your Pc Without Software

Usually we do many things in peace, doing something interesting, amazing etc. We always try to do something with everything new. Coloring the folders is another interesting thing.Today I will tell you how to colors the folders?

Colors the folder.You are thinking I’m a mad….!!

But no. I’m not a mad. Actually, you can do this. I have already shared how to lock a folder? To colors the folder on your PC, you will need software to do this.There are many types of software to use in different types of work. One of them is used to colors the folder of your PC….!!!!!!!!

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It’s an interesting software to use, that will help you to colors the folder. The people who haven’t used this software yet, and then please use this software, now. I am sure you will get 100% enjoyment using this software….!!!!

Colors the folder….!! Isn’t it funny???

In the above passage, you heard colors the folder. yes, you are right. The colors of the folder on your PC, you don’t like to see this same color again and again right??? If you could color the folder of your PC…. then how does it look to see???

Now you must be thinking how you will color the folders.

Download this software which will help you to color your PC. You can download it free. Download it from the link given below at the last.

colors the folder

After downloading the software, install the software like other software.

Now, select the folder that you want to color and click the right button of your mouse. There you can see an option named “Folder Highlight”, then choose a color from that option that you like to use… So, Now your work is finished. Your folder is now colored.

Download link: There are three download links given below. you can download it using each of these links.

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