Bubble Shooter 3D Aaction & Adventure Game

Bubble shooter game got very famous because it is very intuitive and anyone can easily learn this game and easily play the game. Bubble shooter game is a mix of “Tetris” and “connect four”. That’s why it is so easy to get into the game play. In this review, I noted some rules and how to play the game.

Before moving ahead, I want to introduce you favorite “Bubble Shooter”. It is very easy to play. Very easy to concentrate on the game. The aim of this bubble shooter game is to collect as many points as possible. To collect points, you need to destroy the colored bubbles.

For burst of these bubbles, you just need to row/connect at least three bubbles of the same color. On this way, you can collect your points. As much points you have, you are the gainer.

For this bubble shooter game, you need to rescue the little sheep. Sheep are trapped by bubbles. As my instruction, before match the colors and burst the bubble. You can immerse yourself incredibly interesting world.

bubble shooter

Bubble Shooter New Features

Here I have enlisted some best features of this game. Hope you will get something new in this bubble shooter game.

– Bubble shooter game has around 200 levels of challenging puzzles and new ones coming out all the time.
– Added new Stunning and fascinating maps.
– There are lots of amazing props (color bubble, fire bubble, bomb bubble, etc.)
– Bubble shooter game  have fresh and bright bubble graphics
– Nice listening relaxing background music
– Easy and fun to play, hard to master

How You can Play

Now you will know way to play the bubble shooter game precisely.

– Tap your screen to shoot bubbles
– Match 3 or more bubbles to burst
– Save animals to pass levels with limited bubble

Your Takeaway

You already aware this bubble shooter game contains 200 levels. And you can play this game with nice listening relaxing songs. This game included better graphics and interface for their users.

So you are left behind matching three same color bubbles. And that’s all. You can collect as much as you want. Fun loving and mind refreshing game is ready to serve you. So, Why are you getting late. Let’s start to pop in Bubble Shooter! Play world’s favorite bubble shooter game.


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