Affiliate Marketing Tips From an Affiliate Network CEO

My name is Matt and I am the managing director and founder of WOW Media. I started WOW Media in 2007 and in the years since then, WOW Media has grown into a multidisciplinary marketing agency that specialises in affiliate marketing. Today, WOW Media have six websites, each focusing on a different area. Our websites include our CPA affiliate network (WOW Trk), our voucher code website and a number of other projects.

How did you get started in the industry and what led you to start WOW Media?

I was 12 when I started out in the industry. I began by selling sweets on the school playground to my friends and other pupils. Shortly after making my first £20, I decided to invest it and created my very first website. This website was a cashback website that would later become ‘British Rewards’.

Users would earn cash back by completing affiliate based offers, which would be paid directly into their member account. This led me down the path of a career in affiliate marketing, at a time where the concept was relatively new.

What is affiliate marketing and does it work?

Affiliate marketing is a way of making money online.

An affiliate is an individual or business who promotes products or services on behalf of a merchant (advertiser). Affiliate marketing gives advertisers the opportunity to reach a much wider customer base through the various ways their affiliates choose to promote their unique offer.

An affiliate network, like our own WOW Trk, is a platform that connects affiliates and advertisers. The affiliate network will allow the performance of the campaign to be tracked, using various methods.

When a sale is made or a lead is generated, the transaction is shown in affiliate’s account. They are then rewarded with commission once the advertiser has confirmed the transaction.

In your opinion, what is the best thing about Affiliate Marketing?

In my opinion, the best thing about being involved with affiliate marketing is that it gives affiliates the chance to gain monetary value from their existing, blogs and websites. It gives people the opportunity to gain a secondary income and even turn hobby sites into fully fledged online businesses.

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This fact alone makes it appealing for everyone from stay-at-home mums to students looking to earn some extra cash. Affiliate marketing can be done by anyone.

What would you say you’re biggest challenge has been in the business world?

Growing the business with very little financial support has been one of the most difficult things I have had to do. At the age of 12 I had no source of income to invest in my projects, any growth I achieved at that time was due to me re-investing all the profits I had made. I really had to grow the business from the ground up.

How does WOW Trk stand-out from its competition?

The biggest thing that sets us apart from other networks and competitors is the range of unique tools we offer for our affiliate network. WOWDETECT, is one of the leading fraud detection software solutions in the industry; while our range of affiliate tools help affiliates to get started without a great deal of effort and time.

What feature defines the way you do business?

I believe the key to success in any business is good relationships. The success of our affiliates and advertisers are built upon the strong relationship and good understanding between both parties. I feel that if there is a good level of communication and understanding, all parties can take a step in the right direction to achieving their individual and collective goals.

What different ways can an Affiliate make money?

There’s a great number of different offer types to promote to your audience. As long as you’re able to refer others to your advertiser’s products and services, you will be making money.

For example, if you would like to sell something to your visitors you may prefer to promote a ‘CPS’ (or cost-per-sale) offer and earn a direct commission from each sale. WOW Trk however is primarily a CPL network (cost-per-lead) that rewards you for each and every referral you send. Promoting CPL offers is more beneficial for affiliates as you do not need to close the deal or make the sale, you just get paid for every lead you send to the advertiser.

Regardless whether it is a CPS or a CPL offer, affiliates can promote the offer in a great number of ways, such as: social media, email, website traffic or even through pay-per click advertising. These methods may vary between advertisers and may include some restrictions; but in most cases offers can be promoted in nearly anyway.

What’s the most common mistake you see new Affiliates make?

A big mistake a lot of new affiliates tend to make is promoting offers that are not relevant to their audience. If you have a blog or website focusing on a certain area or niche, your audience is unlikely to engage with any offers that they deem irrelevant. A lack of specific targeting is a mistake a lot of new affiliates tend to make.

To become a successful affiliate, you should be adding relevant advertisements to your blog or website, segmenting your emails and focus on targeting a specific communities on social media.

What’s your top tip for a new Affiliate?

There are many tips I could give to anyone starting out as an affiliate, but the top tip I would give would be to keep up to date with the industry you are in and also do some research in the market. You can’t promote something successfully without having a good understanding for the brand, product and market.

In order to reach your potential as a successful affiliate, you must keep your digital skills fresh in order to help you increase the number of sales and leads you generate.

Is Affiliate marketing a long-term profitable avenue?

Yes. Affiliate marketing has been around now for a while and it is definitely here to stay. For affiliates, it allows you to make a second income in return for investing only a small amount of time and effort and for merchants, they get increased brand awareness, reach customers they may never have had access to in the past and the number of leads and sales increase without them doing anything.

More businesses are seeing affiliate marketing as a legitimate method of growing their business; affiliate marketing is here to stay.

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