5 Tips for Using Facebook on Your Brand

As the social media marketing Singapore expert would define, a brand that is used in business terms is any name, symbol, design or feature that can be used to identify and differentiate a given product or service from another.

The immense growth of social media, particularly Facebook has managed to provide a reliable, cost efficient platform for entrepreneurs and businesses to effectively market their products or services. Unlike other commercial marketing channels like the broadcast media, which often require businesses and organizations that are in need of advertising services to invest lots of capital in the same.

Facebook marketing Singapore can be used to spread information about a specific brand at little or no cost. Below are the 5 essential tips for using Facebook on your brand.

Set up an official Facebook page

Unlike a normal Facebook user profile, setting up a unique Facebook page is likely to play an important role in promoting your brand as a form of Facebook marketing Singapore. It is also essential to always keep in mind the common branding practices while setting up the page.


Be sure to add a recognizable profile picture or cover photo that is uniquely attributed to your business or organization on the Facebook page you have created. The cover photo, profile picture and any other brand information like a logo, symbol or slogan should remain constant in order to avoid confusing your potential clients.

The brand identity should be constant and if for one reason or another you choose to alter it any way, kindly communicate the same to your potential customers. You can also actively optimize your profile picture and cover photo descriptions through adding unique links to other sources of relevant information that is associated with your brand.

Customize your Facebook URL

It is essential to have a customized URL that can be used to access your business profile on Facebook. This can be achieved through claiming an approved vanity URL for your business page.

A customized Facebook URL provides you as an entrepreneur with the ability to add visually appealing and memorable Facebook URLs to items like business cards and other communication materials. This can be of great help in marketing your business brand in both below-the-line and above-the-line advertising platforms.

Integrate with other communication channels

There are useful Facebook applications and features that can allow users to integrate other communication channels, platforms, and media, combining them in a way that can be used to promote brand content. Some of the commonly integrated features and channels include email, blogs, websites, and video or audio among others.

By integrating your official Facebook brand page with the above-listed resources, one is able to increase their online presence through providing a variety of content to the target consumers. For instance, sharing links about your company’s video documentary is likely to prove to be more interesting than describing all the information in words.

The graphics, images, songs and color variety in the documentary video is likely to arouse the viewer’s curiosity more than written words would.

One can also integrate their Facebook content with other popular social media sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram among others. This shall be able to help them cast their net even wider in terms of providing them with the ability to provide information to their potential consumers regardless of their preferred media.

Invest in paid advertising

The paid advertising feature provided by Facebook marketing Singapore initiates an effective way of promoting serious brand content on official Facebook pages. Additional features like Facebook’s sponsored stories help you as a business to reach even more followers than you would with the limited features offered to unpaid users.

Paid advertising is able to provide you as a marketer with important statistics like the total number of people who have seen your content and the ones that are interested in the advertised products or services.

Share original content and use consistent branding

Instead of constantly sharing promotional content on Facebook, business brands can decide to offer original content of genuine value to their audience that provides relevant and accurate information instead.

If possible, one should share information from other sources as it is likely to make them objective. Any type of information shared should always be aimed at building the organization’s brand on social media.

It is essential to note that consistent branding, especially in content creation will help an organization or you as an individual develop a reliable brand. It is a good business practice to actively seek to maintain the same writing style, font, color, theme and overall appeal when engaging in content creation.

The success or failure of a brand in the social media marketing Singapore, especially in Facebook can be evaluated through how those involved are able to effectively use the various tools provided on the platform.

If used effectively the 5 tips provided above can play a big role in promoting your business brand in order to achieve the much-needed exposure.

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  1. Hi Taposh,

    We all know that Facebook is an amazing platform for your website to use. If you want to build your brand then you have to do a lot of things.

    You have listed some great points here. But I don’t agree with paid advertisements. It’s not so good until you have enough traffic and post at your Facebook page.


    • Taposh Kapuria says:

      Hi Ravi,

      Good to see you here. Yes,Facebook is an amazing platform to leverage your content. If you have lots of fans, then you will get lot’s of refferal traffic. Thanks for visiting.

      Warm Regards,
      Taposh Kapuria

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